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July 2012,I just come back from Ecuador and I have the best time of my life.As you can see in my pictures collage above I visited several places including the wonderful Galapagos Islands unfortunately I arrive there one day after the tragic death of lonesome George I saw his now empty place. I was lucky to visit Atuntaqui, Baños, Cotopaxi, Quito, Cuenca, Guayaquil,Salinas,Otavalo, Mindo all amazing! Now back in the UK ready to enjoy the Olympics and Paralympics in the most exiting city in the world, London

I went to Ecuador in October 2007. Ecuador is a fantastic country and I would recommend to anyone to go there. Whatever kind of holiday you are interested in from relaxing at a beach to an adventure holiday Ecuador has it in abundance. One of the highlights for me was visiting the Galapagos Islands which truly deserve their reputation as a truly unique part of the world. We swam with sea lions, watched blue footed boobies dive into the sea just feet from our boat at incredible speeds. We met lonesome George, the last known species of his type of giant tortoise left in the world. A testament to the destructive forces humans can inflict on nature. Apart from the natural and cultural advantages Ecuador has, it is the people who as much as anything make Ecuador what it is. While it is undeniable that there is poverty that ca lead to crime, my experience was not this at all. I met some of the most genuine, generous people I have met in my entire life while in Ecuador. Always smiling and always polite. I have only mentioned a small part of my experiences here. I will certainly be return to Ecuador within the next 18 months. It is only a shame that there are no direct flights to Ecuador at this time. Once again, if anyone is thinking of going to South America, a great starting point is Ecuador.

I recently spent 5 weeks in Ecuador between 26/06/08 – 2/08/08 with my Ecuadorian girlfriend. We both live in London and I decided that I would surprise her with this visit. Our main stay was in the lovely capital of Ecuador - Quito. While we were there we visited many places including the Presidential square, the Panecilio (virgin de Quito) and the Basilica Cathedral. We then visited the costal town of Atacames and the Hot Springs East of Quito. My experience in Ecuador is one I will never forget as my whole time there was filled with so many new experiences that I would never have dreamed of. When you walk around Quito you are immersed in culture and Ecuadorian traditions that I wish we had more of in London. You get the sense of pride that they have for History and the respect they have for their ancestors as there are dances and festivals almost daily. Another thing I love about Ecuador is the quality of food and the price. For a couple of dollars you can get a huge plate of food which tastes so good that you want more, even though you are full. One thing I did find is that Ecuador is so diverse that each town or area has there own traditions rather than them just being “Ecuadorian Traditions” in that places like Sangloquil and Otavalo have totally different traditions, food and dances. Ecuador gave me a totally new experience that I will never forget. The people are great; the buses in Quito were fantastic: D, the food was out of this world, its good value for money, the environment is one that can never be compared to; Quito is such a beautiful city. As I went with my girlfriend and also met with her family out there, I experienced the real Ecuador and not a “Tourist” Ecuador and to be honest, I still don’t know why the books categorize Ecuador as a third world country. I could go on forever about what I loved about Ecuador but overall Ecuador is such a diverse and beautiful place that everywhere
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